HOPE – „Helping wOmen gain PowEr in their lives”
HOPE aims to empower and guide women with fewer opportunities toward securing employment, education, or training, and successfully (re-)integrating them into social and economic systems, by offering high-quality counselling, competence assessment and career guidance to this target group. In this way, the project ties in with the EU projects CORE, COOCOU, SCOUT, DISCOVER and KISS, which have been successfully implemented so far. Women are more often in situations that put them at risk of poverty, due among other things to interrupted employment and part-time work as a result of childcare/caring for others, and low independent income. This situation is further worsened by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, which fosters traditional gender roles. The project is being carried out by the DIE as coordinator in cooperation with partner organisations from Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia and is aimed at counsellors in the participating countries who work with the target group.

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